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Book 2. The Little Pink Ants starts to become a "big girl"

CHAPTER 10 – The Little Pink Ant gets many Pink Friends

As everyone knows, there are black, brown and even white ants. One little black boy ant had a secret wish – he wanted to be pink, just like Little Pink Ant.

So he shared his secret wish with Little Pink Ant, who was a helpful little ant.

“I know how to make you pink” she said “follow me!”

Little Pink Ant and Boy Ant

They climbed the stem of a huge pink flower, up to the top of its petals. The flower, still wet with raindrops, made a perfect slide for them. Black Boy Ant was really enjoying himself, flipping and sliding on the wet petals. Soon Black Boy Ant became totally pink, just like Little Pink Ant, sliding along with him.

The other black ant children looked on, wide-eyed. Such fun, they thought, we would all like to be pink! They climbed into pink flowers and went sliding away. Soon, there were no black children ants.

Such fun, thought Little Pink Ant, now I am the same as the other children ants.

But she was not pleased for long. She did not feel special anymore. She even began to think that she would paint herself black, while the others were pink. But there were no black flowers in the garden.

Luckily, it began to rain. All the flowers were having a great shower, as were the children ants. In minutes, the once pink ants were black again.

They were happy to be black, because that is how they were meant to be. Black Boy Ant now knew that being pink was not for him.

Little Pink Ant was happy too – because she was the only one who was pink and she was special again!

What a fun adventure with so many black ant children friends, thought Little Pink Ant.


CHAPTER 11 – The Little Pink Ant gets a Pink Dress

Little Pink Ant enjoyed visiting Anastasia’s pink bedroom. There was always something new to discover. This time, it was a photo of Anastasia wearing a pretty pink dress with black polka dots and matching hat.

Although she knew that ants are not meant to wear clothes, she shared so much with Anastasia, including her love of dressing up. Little Pink Ant jumped onto a tiny stool and struck a pose in the mirror, imagining herself in the same outfit.

At that moment Anastasia, looking for her tiny pink friend, found her on her dressing table, posing like a fashion model.

Delighted, Anastasia said: “Yes, I imagine the pink outfit would look just lovely on you!”

So it did! Reflected in the mirror was Little Pink Ant wearing the pretty pink frock, matching hat and shoes and looking just as beautiful as Anastasia in the photo!

Little Pink Ant looks in mirror

The Little Pink Ant turned to thank her, but Anastasia was gone.

Thinking about the power of imagination, Little Pink Ant understood that Anastasia could create magic simply by imagining it. For that is how Little Pink Ant came to be.


CHAPTER 12 – The Little Pink Ant gets Mapuf

Anastasia had a lovely pink diamond locket. When she was not wearing it, Little Pink Ant liked to climb inside. It was easy, as the locket did not close properly on top.

The locket became Little Pink Ant’s secret place, and that’s where she was one Sunday morning.

Little Pink Ant could feel when Anastasia was putting on her locket. She felt lifted up, then going down, like in a lift. Now she was swinging from side to side.

Little Pink Ant looked out of the top and saw that Anastasia was running into their sunny garden, calling out to her father “I’m just picking some flowers”.

“Please be quick”, he said. “We are already late.”

Anastasia was running around the garden, collecting the most beautiful flowers. The locket was swinging wildly, and Little Pink Ant too. She tried to hang on to the top, but it was no use. She was falling to the ground. Oh no!

Suddenly, in mid air, a very beautiful pink flower appeared and caught hold of the Little Pink Ant. She stopped falling. The flower curved its five petals into an umbrella shape and they gently floated to the ground.

“Oh, thank you”, said Little Pink Ant.

She had never seen a flower like it! She wondered from where it had come. Little Pink Ant did not normally talk to flowers and she did not think flowers could speak.

The flower began to spin its petals like a propeller. As they spun, they made a strange sound. Soon, Little Pink Ant could hear the sound turning into words.

“I am magic sundew”, the spinning petals said. “Anastasia knows that you saved her from the horrible Spider. I am Anastasia’s gift to you. Though you may not see me every time, I will always be near you. I will help and protect you. And of course, you can also use me just for fun.”

Little Pink Ant was surprised and full of joy. ”Please give me a name,” said the flower.

Little Pink Ant thought a while, and said: “I will call you Mapuf – ‘M’ for magic, ‘a’ for Anastasia, ‘p’ for propeller, ‘u’ for umbrella, and ‘f’ for flower.”

The magic sundew began to spin even faster, and lifted Little Pink Ant into the air. After flying above the bright garden, it gently lowered Little Pink Ant into Anastasia’s locket. Then the magic sundew, named Mapuf, disappeared as quickly as he had come.

Now Little Pink Ant felt so happy and safe inside the locket! She knew that Anastasia loved her, and that Mapuf would always be near to protect her.